Our close collaboration with Siemens

Siemens as the world leader in the automation technology is forced to their products up-to-date. This is the reason why the renovation of existing products gets quicker and quicker. The manufacturer needs to sell and establish new products in the market to replace the obsolete products. Very often that is not possible because of prices or to technical reasons. SINTRONICS is your partner who either repairs your used components or who replaces the obsolete products from their own stock.

Due to this long-lasting cooperation SINTRONICS was officially allowed to use the SIEMENS-logo on their website.

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Servomotors 1FK6083-6AF71-1GH0

Servomotors 1FK6083-6AF71-1GH0
Synchronous servo motor 1FK6 6-pole motor 16Nm, 1K, 3 rpm Naturally cooled IM B5 (V1, V3) Power/signal connectors Connector can be rotated by 27° Basic absolute encoder 32 S/R (encoder A-32) smooth shaft, Tolerance N with holding brake Degree of protection IP64
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Weight: 18.4 kg

Goods Number: 85015220

24 month warranty for the whole module.

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The part with the number 1FK6083-6AF71-1GH0 from the product group Servomotors is a proven component in industry processes. You can count on the performance and quality of your spare or new part: SINTRONICS does not only deliver, but as well offers the full service.

Multiple Checks

We check for your component's functionality and condition at several points during our internal service chain.

Safe Storage

SINTRONICS takes thorough care of every single component. Our products are stored in warehouses with a special air and climatic conditioning in order to keep high temperatures or inappropriate humidity from reducing your component's lifetime or quality.


Entrust your industry component 1FK6083-6AF71-1GH0 from Servomotors to us for any repair. We will try everything possible to make it work again before thinking of selling you something new.

You can also send the defective part to us for repair.